Walthariii Photography Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Please read carefully.
The booking fee is non-refundable. This includes events, parties, portraits, weddings, location, and studio shoots.
In the case of equipment failure, weather inclement, or any unforeseen circumstances that prevent Walthariii photography to shoot on the scheduled date, a new date will be scheduled.
No refund will be given under any circumstances if the client fails to attend the event on the day and time that was agreed upon.
If the client pays the full amount instead of the booking fee, then decides to cancel the session, no refund will be given. Instead, another shoot of the same value will be rescheduled at another time convenient to both the photographer and the client.
(NB: Please pay the specified booking fee amount) 

No refund will be given if the client makes a payment and changes their mind about the shoot without a valid reason. The client can use the payment for another shoot that covers the amount paid.

Refunds will not be given due to a client “not liking a photo”. A discussion can be had to discuss the photo, but the photographer will not be liable for issues that the client has that are not related to photography. A refund is only applicable in a scenario where the photographer did not show up and did not send a replacement or representative.
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